With Owen Daly at the Boston Early Music Festival
I enjoyed playing d'Agincour on Owen's beautiful double after Vaudry.
Wolfie under the Harpsichord
Our adorable Yorkshire terrier, named after Mozart,
enjoyed listening to me play my Italian harpsichord by Yves Beaupré.
At Ron Haas's House in San Diego
I also played d'Agincour on Ron's gorgeous Flemish double.
Here my hands are chasing each other in the piece "Blind Man's Buff."
On d'Agincour's Street in Rouen
D'Agincour lived on Rue des
Chanoines, a little alley right across
the way from the famous Rouen
Cathedral, where he was
the organist for most of  his life.
Outside Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall
Yes, I played d'Agincour here, too, as well as the Fifth Brandenburg
and the world premiere of my friend Frank J. Oteri's
Is 5.
Two Harpsichords at the Morris-Jumel Mansion
Here you can see the intimate octagonal music room at the 1765 Morris-Jumel Mansion,
Manhattan's oldest house. At left, with Louis Bagger; at right, with Robert Heath.
Brooklyn Baroque at Good Shepherd
Catholic Church in Brooklyn
Here we are rehearsing before a concert
with recorder player Gregory Bynum
at one of our favorite venues.
Recording the Well-Tempered at Good Shepherd
At left, my husband and producer Erik Ryding. At center, checking the temperament
(Werckmeister III). At right, enjoying the ambiance (the lights make noise so we turn them off!)
In Texas
My good friend Al Past took this picture
of me playing on Gerald Self's magnificent
French double.
In John Phillips's Workshop
Rrehearsing on the incredibly gorgeous
new French double after Blanchet that
I was lucky to play on for a fringe concert
at the Berkeley Festival.
Concerts in Tuscany, 2011
Above, with David Bakamjian,
the breathtaking Tuscan
countryside in the background;
at left, in a 14th-century
church near the
Villa Monteverdi. The beautiful  
harpsichord is by Tony Chinnery
after Taskin.
At the Sforza Castle in Milan
Before a concert with Well-Tuned Words,
where we performed English music,
Dowland through Purcell. Italian
harpsichord, c. 1600, restored by
Augusto Bonza.

At the Robert-Schumann-Haus
in Zwickau.
Johann Ludwig Krebs's first job
was in Zwickau; in October 2013
I performed  a concert of his music
to celebrate the 300th anniversary
of his birth.