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    Praise for Bruno Walter: A World Elsewhere

    “In their comprehensive and highly readable biography … Ryding and
    Pechefsky have a wonderfully firm grasp on the conductor’s extremely
    busy career and its minute particulars. . . . One sees them bearing
    down hard to prise out exactly what it was that audiences in Berlin,
    Vienna, Prague, Riga, New York, and Boston were hearing from a
    Bruno Walter that the recordings, from so much later, can only hint
    about … In short, it’s all here. As must be clear, this book rates not
    only as a labor of love but as an authority.”
    Richard Buell,  Boston Globe

    “[A]s biographies of conductors go, it can take its place beside Harvey
    Sachs’s Toscanini and Peter Heyworth’s Otto Klemperer as a major
    contribution to the literature. For anyone interested in Walter or in the
    musical life of the world his career touched, this is essential reading.”
    Mortimer Frank, Fanfare

    “This is a loving and meticulous biography of one of the greatest
    conductors of the 20th century. It is sceptical of much received
    opinion, generally avoids one-sided judgments and carefully builds
    up, from many thousands of documents, a detailed account of Bruno
    Walter’s career, moving from imperial Prussia and Vienna to the US
    of Nixon and juvenile delinquency … [I]t will be the authoritative
    reference book for all Walter enthusiasts.”
    Vincent Deane, The Irish Times (Dublin)

    “[T]imely and welcome … a steady, evenhanded chronicle of
    Walter’s career.”
    Allan Keiler,  New York Review of Books

    “Erik Ryding and Rebecca Pechefsky, the authors of this major new
    biography, have trawled through the archives, and have packed a huge
    amount of valuable information into the 500-odd pages of this book …
    The treatment … is detailed, scrupulous and fair.”
    Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph (London)

    “[D]estined to become an indispensable vade mecum for Walter fans
    Andrew Green, Classical Music

    “The authors make good use of Walter’s papers in the New York
    Public Library and of hundreds of other sources … One can now
    follow this extraordinary career as it unfolded, month by month,
    over nearly 70 years.”
    Harvey Sachs,  Wall Street Journal

    “[A] highly readable narrative that is accessible to a broad audience …
    a fine account of Walter’s life.”
    Scott Warfield, Notes

    “Finally we have a Bruno Walter biography in English to supplement
    the man’s own writings, some of them autobiographical. I spent quite
    a few evenings with this, and I found it absorbing … The story of his
    life and convictions is fascinating and moving. He was a rich human b
    eing who cultivated every important aspect of human character,
    including the spiritual. Few today have anything like his depth or grace
    or charm.”
    Donald Vroon, American Record Guide

    “Here is the moving story of a principled man and musician who was
    forced to flee Hitler’s Europe at the height of his career and begin anew
    in the United States.”
    Tim Page, Washington Post

    “This first full-length biography of Walter in English effectively utilizes
    many firsthand sources … [I]t should enhance his stature in memory
    and perhaps send some back to his recordings. Focused more on his
    professional than personal life, the authors nonetheless treat his
    marriage, romantic affairs and family with judicious balance.”
    William W. Starr, The State (Columbia, SC)
Bruno Walter,
one of the greatest
conductors of the
twentieth century,
lived a fascinating life
in difficult times.
This book is the
first full-length
biography of Walter to
appear in English.
Revised paperback edition (University
of Nebraska Press, 2006), with a new
introduction, available at
Hardcover edition (Yale University
Press, 2001) available at
Amazon Kindle edition (2008; based on
Yale edition) available at

Bruno Walter Exhibit
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Spring 2012

Bruno Walter Exhibit

Walter's book on Gustav Mahler
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